Life Update

As many of my friends and family know Austin and I started our biggest journey post-graduation. We decided to pack everything we own into my 2000 GMC Jimmy and drive across the country to Los Angeles, California. It was a pretty big step since we only graduated a month before we left for sunny California.

It was a really amazing experience driving across the country. I saw so many new states and place I never thought I would have the chance to see.  The greatest part of the trip was our visit to the Grand Canyon. We woke up in time to see the sunrise and it was truly amazing. This entire trip made me realize how big the world really is and I am so grateful I was able to do it with Austin by my side.

We officially moved into our apartment at the beginning of July and I was lucky enough to get a job interview and get hired by the indie art company RAW: natural born artist. I started in the middle of July and have been there since! But I was missing something and I couldn’t figure it out, until one day I sat down and really thought about my career. I realized that the one thing that truly excited me and made me happy at the end of the day was photography. So at the beginning of October, I bought some business cards, updated my website, and sent a blast email to my co-workers offering my services! Since then I have had a shoot almost every weekend and have learned some valuable lessons. I am learning how to write contracts, charge for my services appropriately, balance my time, and so much more. October has truly been a month of growth.

Now I am going into November, a month filled with so much to be thankful for and really reflecting on what you have. And I am learning I have a great support system who is continuing to support me as I change my mind and head in a new, unpredictable direction. And I couldn’t be more appreciative.

So here I go on my two-year journey to being a successful, full-time photographer. And if I say it here for the world to see it will only encourage me to continue pushing when things seem unsure or difficult.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me this far and continues to! Expect lots of new posts in the coming months!


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